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The do's of Presenting

A few weeks ago  I was asked to read a book to a group of the kids at my son's school. I decided to bring one of my favourite books on all the things you can do with a cardboard box. Full of excitement I sat down in front of the group of 4 and 5 year old's until I felt a butterfly in my stomach. The butterfly then quickly turned into a knot and seconds later I concluded with a shock: I AM NERVOUS!  I immediately had a firm inner talk, telling myself that it was ridiculous to be nervous and that a group of 4 year old's would be peanuts in comparison to the groups I usually face as a corporate trainer. But I still felt a bit unsure. You see, for every person who loves group facilitating and presenting the ultimate quest is always to unlock the secrets of  engagement . How do we engage others, and then keep them in that state? I'm confident in dealing with adults but suddenly engaging 20 kids with a short attention span felt like a herculean task.  So I decided to approach