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5 Reasons NOT to use Fellow Students in Roleplay Simulations

Perhaps you've heard this before:  Global spending on training tops $350 billion annually.  Estimated is that more than 15% of this goes towards 'Soft Skills' development with the vast majority focused on  Communication Skills, Coaching, Feedback, Conflict Management and Self Awareness.  That's A LOT of money spent on trying to improve people's interpersonal skills, leading to a growing demand for a high return on investment.  The logical next question is, what training method is most successful when it comes to  implementing the newly acquired knowledge into day-to-day workplace interactions?  Research consistently shows that one of the most effective ways to achieve success and a high return on investment is to simulate a real experience by incorporating Role Play into the training programs.  Roleplay gives workshop participants those “in-the-moment” experiences and it allows them to experiment with the new behaviours in a safe-to-fail setting. Sadly,