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Role Play as Essential Tool in Soft Skills Training

Soft skills are key to effectiveness in life. From self-confidence to communication skills and emotional intelligence, they all play a significant role in determining a person’s success and happiness.  Per the World Economic Forum’s “Future of Jobs” report, emotional intelligence , creativity and people management will be the top skills required in 2020. However, 'soft skills training' is always challenging since it requires people to change their habits that have been developed over a lifetime. Hence, for any training to be effective in the development of interpersonal skills, it has to allow for repeated practice and provide extensive feedback. Roleplay with professional actors is a medium that has all these as built-in mechanisms. What soft skills can be honed using roleplay? 1. Self-Confidence:  Roleplay helps to build self-confidence by encouraging participants to practice difficult situations and try out different strategies in a safe to fail en