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The Secret of Great Roleplayers

Recently I recruited for a new corporate actor for our growing team.  During one of my interviews, I asked the actor sitting in front of me what he thought to be the most challenging part of corporate acting. His answer:  “Challenging? If you know your lines you should be ok, right?” Wrong.   The art of corporate acting is a lot more than just learning the lines of a role-play scenario.  Corporate actors are expert improvisers and can create believable characters and in-the-moment performances. You know that feeling when you watch actors on stage or film, and you are transported to places that seem real and believable. Well, t he same applies when actors take on corporate roleplay. The person they are interacting with quickly forgets they are with an actor, as the situation comes to life. At InterACT we only work with first-class role-play actors. Our actors are trained to create those ‘real’ situations in imaginary circumstances so that participants can pra