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Do you swear to tell the truth?

Yesterday I picked up my son Sam from school. When we came home and I unpacked his schoolbag, I noticed there was a toy in there that didn't belong to him but to the school. When I asked him about it, he said he got it for Christmas. When I probed him a bit more he said his teacher gave it to him as a present. And when I asked him if his teacher would confirm that to me he admitted he liked the toy, secretly hid it in his bag and took it home... Because my son is only 4 years old he's not very good at lying. Moral Development hasn't quite kicked in yet. But by the time he is an adult, he will probably be a lot better at it. And he will still tell several lies a day. Six, to be precise. According to research. As adults we lie during presentations, during job interviews. We lie about purchases we made. We lie to friends and to strangers. We lie about how we feel. Mostly with just one simple reason: to avoid confrontation. So does the truth always set us f