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Smell to Boost Learning Power

Only true die hards have read the novel 'A la recherche du temps perdu' by French writer Marcel Proust, but one particular scene from that book is famous: The main character dips a cake called a Madelaine into a cup of chamomile tea, which evokes a torrent of memories from a forgotten childhood.  Marcel Proust understood intuitively what science would only discover many years later: T here is no sense that reaches more deeply and suddenly into our emotional center - right into our solar plexus - than the sense of smell.  So if smells can take us back to various memories, can they help us remember facts?   Science has already proven that smell can influence our behavior.  Like the scent of citrus that makes us want to clean more. Or Auping, a large bedding retailer, who spreads the smell of freshly washed linen through their shops because it increases sales . And what to think of the Dutch Tax Authorities? In their offices the s mell of orange circulates every afternoon