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Storytelling in 3 simple steps

Read these three words: Child. Rope. Rain.  What happened in your mind when you read them?  Did you see a child playing jump rope in the rain?  Or did you see a child hiding outside, afraid to get a beating?  Or perhaps something else...?  Whatever you saw depends on your childhood, your personal nature and your current state of mind. But no matter what you saw, chances are extremely high that the beginning of a story was starting to form in your mind.  In fact, you'd have to work really hard to NOT to create a story. That's because our brains are wired for stories. And not only that... We are constantly looking for coherence between bits of information. Nothing is just the way it is. Nothing is just: child, rope, rain. Everything is a story with meaning. Even when we sleep, our brains continue to fabricate the most amazing stories.  The art of storytelling is very old and at the same time very new. More and more organisations start to understand