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Special Offer!

For 3rd year in a row, our very popular  3x3x3  deal  IS BACK ! Each year, from September till December, we offer  3  of our most popular communication workshops for  3  months only in an interesting package for an amazing  3  figure price. We do this because we believe effective communication is the most important key to any business and we want to make our high impact programs accessible to  ALL  organizations in WA. Including the organisations with smaller training & development budgets. Make excellent communication skills a priority in your organization and choose one (or more) of these training workshop packages currently on offer* * COMMUNICATION 101 – Skills for giving feedback, dealing with different communication styles and overcoming resistance. * EMPHATIC COMMUNICATION – Personal communication skills to build trust, reduce tension and understand / deal with emotions. * CROSS CULTURAL COMMUNICATION  –  Understand the core of cultural differences and

How I Failed in Feedback...

Research is finally showing the link between free-flowing feedback and better business results. In workplaces where managers don’t give and receive feedback, employee engagement rates limp in at 29%. On the flip side, when feedback is regularly exchanged between managers and employees, engagement jumps to 79%. But let’s face it, we’re human — and we find it tough to engage in feedback. Many of us —including myself — get defensive when we hear it, or we assume nobody wants to hear it. So feedback gets chronically buried and put off. But it doesn’t have to.  In my experience, there is a simple principle that can play a key role in unlocking feedback: It’s not who you are, it’s what you do As a communication trainer and role play actor, I assume that everyone wants to, and can, get better. When I take this approach I find myself able to engage in discussions about areas for improvement with an optimistic and open heart. But even though I always try to take this approach, my