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To the person ignoring my email

Dear email neglector ,  Last month I sent you an email. It took time and effort to write this message, but I didn’t get a response. My first reaction was,   You are just busy . After a few days, I wondered ,   Did you get my e-mail ? A few days later,   What did I do wrong?   Then, invariably,   What a jerk! It seems like it’s becoming more and more “acceptable” to not respond to e-mails.  In the last month I sent out 20 personal emails and only 2 people replied. And trust me, I get it. You are busy. But that’s no excuse for bad behavior. You seem to forget that there is a human being on the other end who has feelings. Maybe you think your neglect of my email isn’t hurting you...I hate to burst your bubble. This behavior could be more damaging than you realize. So keep reading:  In one study, people who didn’t respond to an email, were evaluated more harshly, assigned more negative intentions and viewed as less credible than their responsive counterparts.   Put simply, if