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What would you do?

Imagine this: You just got on a plane. It is going to be a long flight so you make yourself comfortable and take off your shoes. The seat-belt sign lights up and you lock your seat belt nice and tight as you watch the safety video on the screen in front of you.  Just as you trying to decide if you'll have the beef or chicken for dinner, the plane starts moving and drives slowly to the runway. You hear the engines roaring as the plane seems to be ready to leave. However, the captain has one quick message: "Uhm. Good afternoon ladies and gentleman, this is your captain speaking. Welcome on board of flight 724 to Amsterdam. I wish to inform you all that this will be my very first time flying an airplane and yes... I am a bit nervous. But not to worry. I have read two books on the art of flying and I have successfully completed a questionnaire on the matter, so I'm pretty sure we are going to be fine. (awkward silence) ... Ok. Well... I would like to wish you all a

5 reasons to hire a corporate actor for your role play interview.

"I really don't get the feeling that you understand why it can't be done" I insist, "you are not listening to what I am saying!"  The candidate who is sitting in front of me becomes irritated. "I will listen to what you're saying," she sighs, "but the reason does not matter at all. It just needs to happen!" Today I am working as a corporate actor for a recruitment organisation. I am invited to test several candidates for a new job role within a bank. The perfect candidate needs to be able to cope well with resistance, and can convince others with strong and emphatic leadership.  While many recruiters like to test skills in a  competency based interview  in their quest for the perfect candidate, nowadays candidates have to  demonstrate them as well. That is why recruiters turn to the  role play interview to help choose between candidates. It helps them to see whether someone can react appropriately in a ‘real life’ situa