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Learn in weeks, what usually takes years.

A little fun fact:  Whenever a Mormon missionary chooses to serve in a foreign country, he or she has to learn a completely different language to be able communicate in the assigned area. Therefor they enter a Missionary Training Center (MTC) where they can learn the new language from Mormon teachers. Usually they attend the MTC for 2 to 10 weeks, right before they go out on their mission.   Now just let that sink in... Between 2 and 10 weeks to master a different language?!?! Quite impressive isn't it?  How does the Mormon church train their young missionaries to speak a foreign language so efficiently? These students learn in a few weeks what takes most college students three or four years. And being a non native English speaker myself, I would happily add a few more years to that to even become fluent. But these students are mostly fluent within a year.    The technique used to train these missionaries is called "Context-Based Learning.(CBL)" The CBL

3 Skills for Better Communication from Professional Actors.

You are about to have an important conversation. You want it to be effective - really effective. So where do you start?  As an actor, my choice is biased, but I truly believe the world of acting has everything to offer when it comes to the best techniques for effective communication skills.   So below are 3 ways you can use the skills of an actor to improve the impact and influence of your own speaking.  1.  Choose an intention Before delivering their messages, actors must   understand with great clarity how they want their audience to react to each message. They think deeply about how they want their audience to feel   as a result of their communication.  In day to day life however we often develop a message focusing primarily on the words and content we are delivering. What we fail to ask ourselves is  why that overall message should be important to our listener.  Why should they care? What would make them care? This very common mistake is usually fatal to effect