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5 Strategies to improve Role Play

Today I saw this video on social media. It's showing a role play simulation taking place during a seminar and boy, did it make me cringe... Not because of the lovely people doing their absolute best, but because of the lack of roleplay techniques. I guess that when you work a professional role-play actor every day you deal with a lot of people who fear role-plays and had very traumatizing experiences. This made me extremely passionate about making sure role-play simulations are being done correctly. Because in a world of e-learning, learning bites, blended learning and brain based learning, the simple act of role-play is still one of the most effective and impactful ways of changing behavior. If... done correctly. So what can we learn from this video? 1. Roleplay needs to be voluntary.  In the video we see Stuart being forced to do the role-play scenario. The presenter puts him in front of an audience without any consent. Stuart jokes to the audience "I ne