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I hate role play.

For many it's a modern, workplace form of torture by humiliation. The idea alone of having to do a role play. I notice this every day when I present myself to groups as a Communication Trainer and Professional Role Play Actor.   "I never learned anything from a role play" or "Oh no. I hate role play..." are frequently heard comments from people participating in one of my workshops.    So why doe  people hate it so much?  Possibly because people imagine that they will have to 'act' and, as most do not see themselves as performers, this equates to being asked to do a school play...  at the office... in front of all those people who are about as afraid as you are.  More often than not, role-playing scenarios with colleagues do not work due to a variety of reasons.  People in the same team know each other well so it becomes impossible to see colleagues as that supposed frustrated customer, eager-to-please supervisor or whoever they are suppos