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Learning Styles

We've just bought a new remote control for our television. Our toddler managed to destroy our old remote, so there was no way around it: We had to go buy a new one. A universal one. One with lots of unfamiliar buttons... Now something you should know about me is that whenever a new electronic device enters our household I get a bit uneasy. Because it means I have to learn how the damn thing works all over again. Here is a snip-it of the conversation that took place between me and my partner last week after buying the new remote: Me: (pressing all buttons hysterically): I can't change the channel!!! He: I'll grab the manual so you can look up what to do. Me: Nah. (disgusted face) Too many pages. He: Well there's no logic in just randomly trying things. Me: I don't understand... This used to work with the old one. He:  Just take your time. Turn it off and start from the beginning. Me: Never mind. I'll just keep trying and see what happens.