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Feedback struggles

Recently we moved to a lovely new home in Perth. I had not met our new neighbors yet, however I did meet their huge pickup truck.  The one always parked right across the sidewalk... I decided to ignore it and suck it up each time I had to plan an alternative route around it, through the grass with my non off road pram and back onto the side walk. After 2 weeks I was over it. I knew what I had to do.  It was time to give some feedback! Piece of cake right?  I mean, I'm a Communication Trainer and Professional Role Play Ac tor. It's one of my main tasks to provide feedback, so just telling our neighbors to move their truck of the sidewalk couldn't be that hard...  Ironically enough, I kept delaying it.  Everybody that ever provided feedback to someone knows how hard it can be. Some  people feel easily attacked, leaving an open and constructive conversation almost impossible. Others, just nod friendly as you share your thoughts, and you just know nothing is