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It's just the way I am...

Be honest. How many times have you tried to change someone? Personally, I've put a lot of energy in trying to change friends, colleagues, managers, family members and yes... boyfriends. And it wont surprise you... It didn't work. In my work as a trainer I'm sometimes confronted with participants in workshops who are there simply because their manager thinks they need to change. And just like my friends, colleagues, managers, family members and boyfriends: They wont change simply because someone else wants them to. People only change if they want to themselves. However, change can be pretty scary. So one of the most heard arguments I get is: " But this is just the way I am... " Not exactly true according to Tony Robbins, American NLP guru. He says you CAN change behavior in four steps: Step 1. Identify the behavior you want to change. Step 2 . Define the negative feelings that cause this behavior. What will it cost you if you continue to main