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Forget personality tests!

Nearly two third of major companies in Australia use psychometrics in the hiring process as an indicator of candidate competency. But perhaps not for long. Using professional role play actors in job simulations as part of the hiring process is becoming an increasingly popular option for more and more companies.  Instead of personality tests they use role play actors to simulate an actual ‘day in the life...’ And the results are impressive.  First testing results show that this working method leads to an increase in retention because it demonstrates more effectively if you have the right candidate.  In the assessments actors create a wide range of simulations that can include communicating with a client, dealing with an unforeseen problem or managing a complaint. This allows organizations to actually OBSERVE and EXPERIENCE the applicants competencies instead of just reading about them in a personality testing rapport.  And the knife cuts both ways:  It allows cand

6 Reasons to hire a Dutchy!

This month I live and work in Australia for exactly 3 years. And with more than 200 nationalities living side by side here in multicultural Perth, it's not uncommon for people to ask each other where they're from. As soon as I tell people I'm from the Netherlands they quickly respond with the stereotypes: "Ah! The country of drugs, prostitution, cheese and clogs..." Not the most appealing sides of Dutch culture. Luckily the Dutch have more to offer. So here are 6 typical things about Dutch culture that will make you want to hire a Dutchy. 1. Open minded The Dutch are not easily phased by different opinions and they have the tendency to accept people the way they are. Therefor they easily build relationships and quickly connect to different cultures. 2. Confronting The Dutch speak their minds... Some might think we're rude and blunt, while others think we're just honest. However you feel about it, you will always get straight forward f

Free Introduction: 'Acting in Training & Development'

About  ‘Acting in Training & Development’ You want to learn how to work as a professional role play actor. Or maybe you already are, but until now you solely trusted on your improvisation skills and your enthusiasm. Acting in Training & Development is a special skill and there’s a lot to learn when it comes to working as a professional Role Play Actor. How do you help people develop their communication skills with your acting talent?  What are different ways to give participants feedback?  How do you create a real life scenario where people can safely practice new behaviors? What creative working methods can you use to create a high learning impact? Come and visit our free introduction and find out all about our exclusive 2 day workshop that will give you all the knowledge and techniques you need to become a professional role play actor. For who? This introduction is for professionals who want to know how they can increase their value as an acto