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5 Reasons to work with a Role Play Actor

As part of a training session, there are many options available to help your students to implement their newly acquired knowledge in practice.  One of those options is to work with a Role Play actor. This gives students “in-the-moment” experience of the impact of existing and/or effective behaviour. And it allows students to experiment with new behaviour in a safe setting. The Role Play actor is used as living practice material. You might ask why should you work with a Role Play actor rather than asking our fellow students to act out a situation. The answer is simple: A Role Play actor is trained to analyse and support behaviour during the process of acquiring new behaviour. An actor is able to quickly step into the shoes of a certain type of person and to act out this type in a believable manner. Five reasons why asking a Role Play actor to act out a role is to be preferred over a fellow-student. 1. A Role Play actor acts realistically An actor is able to act

What if...

We all do it. Women even more than men. And on average we spend 6 years of our lives doing it. What I'm talking about? I'm talking about worrying. So when was the last time your mind wandered off to the bills? Your relationship? Terrorism? Debt? Unemployment? Health? Crime? And so on and so on... Every time I catch myself worrying about something I try to think back about this scientific study I once read. And I'd like to share some of the facts from that study with you. Because did you know that: - 40% of the things you worry about, never happen? - 30% of the things you worry about, you can't change? - 12% of all the things you worry about, are unnecessary worries about your health? - 10% of your worries are about small, unimportant things? - Only 8% of your worries are about real, important issues? So that means: 92% OF ALL YOUR WORRIES ARE A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME !!! Just let that sink in... Happy Monday everyone!