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First impressions

As a role play actor, I sometimes convey my first impression of participants only minutes after the training workshop started.   Often they are very surprised and slightly shocked when I give them a spot on description of their personality.  "Wow. Are you a little psychic?" they ask me.  However, there is nothing especially magical or mystical involved here .  I merely look at their tonal (voice) and non-verbal (body language) communication.  After having done that I ask myself a simple question:  What FEELING is someone giving me purely by intuition?  Since just in seconds we have already decided whether we find someone accessible, dominant, shy, observing, etc. but we often repress these initial impressions as we do not find them logical and do not wish to be too quick to judge. After all w e have not spoken to that person as yet...  For example, let us look at a job interview. The first minutes before the questions are asked: the door opens, the applicant co