Wednesday, 4 March 2020

The Power of Play

How many times have you come out of a meeting, interview or pitch cringing at how it went and wishing you’d presented yourself better?

Good communication skills are absolutely vital in every area of business – both individually and collectively – and many corporations are seeing the value in being able to ‘act out’ workplace scenarios in order to see where pitfalls or opportunities lie.

Drama-based training providers in Australia, such as Peers&Players, Corporate Actors Australia and InterACT, have been blazing a trail in this alternative approach to business coaching and training.  

Unlike normal training, which is usually directed at improving focus and furthering the business’s core aims, employing acting skills puts you physically and mentally in a situation that forces you to consider what behaviours might lead to the most successful outcomes.

Participants of training workshops will usually understand theoretically what they need to do. The ‘add on’ that using drama-based methods gives participants is to be able to see, hear and experience what it might look, sound and feel like and try it out practically.

The impact of this kind of approach can be profound and participants learn far more from the intensity and realism of the experience than if they sat listening passively to a presentation. 

Role play Actors bring a vivid sense of reality into situations. So what sets them aside from theatre actors, movie actors or TV actors? 

  • business experience to suit the credibility of our client base;
  • their understanding of the learning environment;
  • being trained in giving powerful feedback to the learner; personality and match to ours and our clients’ values;
  • their ability to convincingly ‘play’ a role; their flexibility in the training environment.

The role-players, during a role play will have multiple levels of awareness:

  • The experience of the participant ~ their aim is to keep each participant in the stretch zone;
  • The content of the role play;
  • The learning context for the individual;
  • The learning context for the course;
  • Their own emotional responses;
  • Noting and remembering key events for feedback purposes.

The drama based approach has real benefits for any aspect of business life where behaviours create challenges for individuals, teams and businesses. 

And when individuals are working at their optimum, the potential impact on business success is immeasurable.

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