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Calling yourself a Communication Trainer doesn't make you one.

Beware! Here comes a rant…
Last week I attended a seminar and got introduced to a Team Manager from a big bank. When he asked me about my profession, I told him about my work as a Communication Trainer. He scoffed and said he was a Communication Trainer too. He recently started running workshops with his team members to improve soft skills.  
This will be interesting, I thought. So I asked him what his background was with Communication Training and Workshop Design. 
"None" he replied.
"None?..." I replied in shock and horror.
"No." he said "Anyone can be a Communication Trainer, right?" 
Needless to say I died a little bit inside...
It seems like everyone is a trainer these days.  Except that, they're not. 

What it means to be a Communication Trainer
I am not a Communication Trainer just because I say I am.  And just because you ran a few communication workshops doesn’t mean you are trainer. It just means you lived through an experience, which is …