Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Is (s)he the right one?

Experiential learning is hot. More and more organisations are looking for ways to make their business theories 'come to life' and create a higher transfer of learning. It looks like using simulations and role play actors is the way to go. L&D and Corporate Actors have undeniably tied the knot. 

But there are two types of corporate actors in the world: Those who come into the training room and say, "Here I am!" and those who come into the room and say to the learners, "Ah, there you are!" 

The true meaning of a corporate actor, in my opinion, is to be an all round facilitator of the learning process more than a presenter or an entertainer. 
I find that many corporate actors tend to fall into the second category. And I can't blame them. Performing Arts Academies prepare you for many things: theatre, film, perhaps television. But because they are still very much focused on entertainment and there is a huge difference between being an amazing actor and being an amazing CORPORATE actor. 

Which, I have to tell you, has me worried... 

Because even though the industry for corporate acting is growing fast, most Performing Arts Academies have yet to include role play acting in their curriculum.   

This can make it challenging for Trainers, Facilitators and L&D Professionals to judge the quality of the actors. Considering that the mere prospect alone of participating in a role play still drives fear into the psyches of many, it is imperative that you undertake this endeavor with a professional. 

Therefore, InterACT WA recently started running workshops exclusively for Professional Actors to get them educated on professional Role play acting. Also we drafted industry standards to help make it easier to find the right choice of role play actor for your organisation.

These criteria are:

-          Finished degree in Performing Arts
-          Realistic and conducive play
-          Ability to improvise
-          Positive attitude in the group
-          Being able to give dosed feedback related to the learning goals
-          Being able to adapt the level of challenge to match participants skill level
-          Confronting in a caring way
-          Working together with the trainer as well as independently
-          Knowledge of behaviour models, emotional intelligence, personality styles,                  communication and coaching tools.
-          Being able to offer a safe, non judgmental, learning environment

    Hopefully this will is helpful in the search of your corporate actors. Should you wish to work with one of our professionals than you are guaranteed that they meet these requirements.  

Would you like to know how InterACT can help improve interACTions within your organisation with our training workshops and corporate actors? Feel free to contact me on