Wednesday, 10 February 2016

5 reasons role play fails

Role playing is one of the most effective learning methods. Especially when you choose to work with a professional actor. Surprisingly it’s also one of the most misused techniques. 

So what goes wrong?

Well, pay attention and learn which 5 failures make role play fail miserably:

1. Unsafe practice environment
Most people are not dying of enthusiasm to do a role play simulation. That is why its extremely important to invest time and effort in creating a safe practice environment. Never ever push people intro a role play scenario if they really don't want to. They wont learn a thing and will only be more reluctant to do so in the future.

2. No alignment between learning goals and role play.
 The role play has to be completely dedicated to the learning goal of the participant. Unfortunately sometimes people are eager to change the role play into an interesting theatrical scene. Perhaps fun to look at, but not very helpful to the participant. No role play should ever start without a clear learning goal.   

3. Using fellow participants as role play actors
A colleague is not an actor. He or she is not trained in the so called 'double awareness' that makes role play actors so special. Double awareness means the ability to act, improvise to create learning opportunities, observe behavior and provide effective feedback.

4. Too much feedback
The role play ends and everyone wants their saying. With the result that the participant most likely is completely overwhelmed and doesn't remember any of the feedback. So choose your feedback wisely and dosed. And most importantly: relevant to the participant's learning goals.

5. No success experience
Should people not be happy with their accomplishments after the role play it's crucial to provide them with a second chance to experience success. Only that way someone can learn from their mistakes. 

At InterACT WA we make sure non of the above fails will happen. Instead we like to make sure a training workshop is not just a workshop but it's a fun experience!

We bring theories to life by using theatre based learning methods. In these Actor-led training sessions you can improve your skills by DOING. We let you ‘practice what you preach’ by simulating a real experience in which you can safely practice new behaviours and appreciate their actions’ impact, without risking relationships or reputation in a non-destructive testing environment. 
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