Monday, 16 March 2015

6 Reasons to hire a Dutchy!

This month I live and work in Australia for exactly 3 years. And with more than 200 nationalities living side by side here in multicultural Perth, it's not uncommon for people to ask each other where they're from.

As soon as I tell people I'm from the Netherlands they quickly respond with the stereotypes: "Ah! The country of drugs, prostitution, cheese and clogs..."

Not the most appealing sides of Dutch culture.

Luckily the Dutch have more to offer.
So here are 6 typical things about Dutch culture that will make you want to hire a Dutchy.

1. Open minded
The Dutch are not easily phased by different opinions and they have the tendency to accept people the way they are. Therefor they easily build relationships and quickly connect to different cultures.

2. Confronting
The Dutch speak their minds... Some might think we're rude and blunt, while others think we're just honest. However you feel about it, you will always get straight forward feedback from a Dutchy. And we also love a good debate.

3. Entrepreneurial
The Dutch are traders. Ever since the old days they are always looking for new products and markets. Therefore a Dutchy will not be afraid to try new things or inform you about new innovations.

4. Discipline
Being late for work is one of the worst things you can do in the Netherlands. Dutchies believe rules should not be broken and you should stick to your promises. This makes Dutchies reliable business partners. And they will most likely be on time. ;)

5. Freedom
The Dutch like their freedom. To travel. To have choice. To be who they want to be. So it can be hard to lock down a Dutchy. However it also means they have broad horizons. And are generally well traveled and independent.

6. Modest
The Dutch will not show off. Since they were young kids they have heard the saying: 'Act normal. That's crazy enough as it is.' So if you want to shine in the spotlight, a Dutchy will modestly let you.

So there you go! 6 Reasons to hire a Dutchy.
Sounds better then drugs and clogs, right?

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