Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Once upon a time...

So do you work for a dynamic organization with professional staff that develops quality customized solutions for its customers?  
That is a coincidence ...  So do I. 

And almost everybody else for that matter.   

It is a tale that is often told which has usually little to no impact. 
Because people don't not like facts. They want to hear stories. 
By telling a real story you will make a much bigger impact.   

For example: 

In the Netherlands I worked for Randstad, an international Recruitment & HR Services provider. Every single employee knew the following story: 

Randstad was founded in the sixties by Dutch student Frits Goldschmeding who was studying economics. Frits had written a thesis about the phenomenon of temporary work and was passionate about the benefits of additional but temporary staff during peak periods. His first ever advertising flyers were created in the dorm room in his student house. And when he was in his twenties, he brought his first temporary worker to his first client all by himself. Dutch style: On the back of his old bike. Now, 50 years later, the company has grown to become the second-largest HR service provider in the world.  

Sounds a lot better, right?

So how do you make your own Corporate Story?

Use these 5 golden rules:  

1. A good story sticks with you 
2. A good story inspires 
3. A good story is simple 
4. A good story has impact 
5. A good story is authentic 

Consider where your story can relate to. Is it about the history of the organization? About leadership? Or about the company name? 

Start looking for the stories that are already are being told within the organization. They are great to use.  

Put the stories together and find the one that meets the five golden rules. See if you can catch the story in pictures. (Frits on the bike with the temporary worker on the backseat!) 

Tell the story to friends or family and get their feedback. 

Good luck with creating your corporate story!!! 

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